Who Is "WE"

We Do Systems

We have been proudly serving the Las Vegas valley since 2001. The management has been working with computers for over 22 years.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our First Priority

We started out doing small jobs here and there helping old ladies change their ink cartridges. Soon we had more jobs than we could handle and life was good. Now people have been reluctant to fix their old computers because of bad experiences with overpriced GEEK SNOBS ($150 per hour for virus detection and removal) and the likes. We are not like the competition integrity is important and so is price, we actually have a small bldg (cheap) We have ugly cars (cheap) but We have talented workers (not so cheap) 2 out of 3 is good. Our employees and management have one thing in common and that is, we have people that actually care if you get a good deal.

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We Do Systems has been providing our corporation with varied technical services for over 4 years. Their technicians make us feel like were their only customer and they are always pleasant and easy to understand.

Our History

We Do Systems Conception - Providing basic computer repair services for desktops and laptops. Windows 98 was still all around us - Networking issues were common place, With the introduction of High speed data rolling out full stream in Las Vegas. Thousands of people were converting over from dial up internet providers like AOL to the new diesel being ported in by Cox communications who had just purchased the old Prime Cable.
We Do Systems Online divison is born - The web has been exponentially growing every few months since High speed data became common place and readily available for affordable prices. We Do Systems begins maintaining, hosting and building web sites, e-commerce coding is still clunky and unique to each site. HTMl 5 is in its infancy tabledata is still common in web development and CSS is beginning to emerge as a solution in the sad sad sad browser Internet Explorer 6.
The New Technical Connection We do Systems has transformed from a computer repair company to a comprehensive technical solutions provider handling Telecomm, Surveillance, Home Media and Automation Technology , Business IT, Web Development-Design, Low voltage support for Data, CCTV, Phones, and much more. With a rapidly growing infrastructure a complete site overhaul is planned and rolled out saying goodbye to the original layout and implementing new features and a current HTML compliant framework for WeDoSystems.com