Server and Network Security Infrastructure Installation We offer data and Security systems guaranteed quality hardware with configured software programmed to exceed most industry standards. We can not take responsibility for damages or loss related to our systems because of the ever changing volatile nature of the Internet and data security - No Provider can guarantee complete security. We do however guarantee that our systems will be tested and effective at deterring hackers and increasing redundancy. Full Windows 2012 R2 XEON server W/ installation with 5CAL includes additional software for Server. migrate all existing data and create new protocols for data management and access 4,815.00 4,815.00T 256 GB SSD w/10 yr warranty 2TB Raid HDD array 16GB RAM quiet cool server chassis with advanced cooling DVD Business Class Firewalll with bullet proof network infrastructure creation 575.00 575.00T Configure each workstation and all users in office and on domain. Create end user work flow for data security and share access security including group and user level policies, and misc other configurations. 1 750.00 750.00T 3 yr hardware warranty 1 yr free network monitoring service we will respond to alerts, attacks and other network anomalies 6 months free onsite and remote network and server support