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CoronaVirus COVID-19 pandemic

Here at WeDoSystems we are experiencing the plight of the recent outbreak of a new strain of Coronavirus and have set our sights to help fight back with technology

Using Technology to fight a new threat

Tech Tips

using tech to understand, fight and prevent the spread of the Corona Virus disease COVID-19

Virus vs. Tech

visit our blog or our partner sites to understand more about this emerging threat and how we are using tech to fight back
Tech Blog

Support Vegas

Las Vegas has been hit hard with our largest employers being shutdown overnight

Las Vegas

Coronavirus has completely shutdown the strip. Join us in the fight to help those affected.
Vegas Strong

Time for Unity

Come together in social platforms, apps and other tech forums as one voice in this time of trouble

Fight Together

We are working to combat this plague and find our voice together. Combine our energy talent and resources to help those in need.

Peace of Mind

People are panicked with uncertain times ahead. We still install and provide Security camera systems

Surveillance cam

Will a little beefed up security provide peace of mind? call us we can help.

Business Support

Is your business still open? Are you available via phone or certain hours etc?

Business info

let people know if your business is still open by filling out a profile on our business listings page
Business Listings

Web Development

Are you laid off or have an idea that you're ready to put into motion. Let us build your App or Website.

Website Design

We Do Systems has been building websites for nearly 2 decades we can help you get your idea off the ground
Web design

We Do Systems to Fight COVID-19

Taking Tech to the Fight

Enter your business profile information and let people know your updated hours and availability for you business we are working hard to get this information into the hands of people looking for businesses that are still open or offering non traditional methods to provide services or products

join us on our new social web platform to provide a unity based social program to combine the energy talents and resources of all involved to achieve common goals

Combat this disease together with one voice

The United States is in an uncertain time, all 50 States have reported cases of the Cornoavirus. and dozens of cities have ceased non essential business.

States infected
Stock Market Losses
unemployment rate

Special Deals

Take advantage if you need a website or a security camera installation, we are offering special pricing for the current pandemic

Basic Security

$ 475
2 cam system
  • Installed*
  • System Included
Great Deal

Web Design

$ 75 Starter Site
  • 3-5 sections, services, products
  • Fully mobile Optimized
  • Free search engine submission
best offer

Support one of our COVID-19 Tech initiatives

Unity at time to figure out the complicated process of being one race one culture one people find your way with us at

Business LIstings

Business listings spawned by the Coronavirus effect on US businesses hours services and availability.

Tech Vs Coronavirus

Bringing the newest evolution of the human race Technology to the fight with the Coronavirus and COVID-19

Vegas Strong

Lets talk and share our resources time and talents to help those in need because of the damage done to the Vegas economy check it out.

Our Partners

Other groups interested in tackling this problem together and with new and innovative ideas

Identify, understand & respond to attacks faster.

Coronavirus and the disease COVID-19 willbe no match for our unified platform and group strength call us or reach out via email and get more info or support one of our platforms 


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Big enough to serve you, small enough to know you.

Want more info or updated COVID-19 facts and updates on our mission sign up for our newslsetter and we will update you as we get more info