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We Do IT Systems We provide a full array of business Information Technology services. Windows Server workstations databases management data and software security and Virus malware protection and much more

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WE provide IT support to small and medium sized business no monthly fees just pay when you need us

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We set up advanced network infrastructures including managed systems if needed. Looking for something else give us a call

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Business IT Service

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New business start up IT service or existing established corporation looking for a new computer repair IT provider. We fit the mold we have been helping businesses in Las Vegas for nearly 20 years. We service nationwide companies locally as a reliable tech on site when needed.

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Server database networking service

If you are interested in setting up your own server or network for home or office

let our team create the ultimate network designed to suit your needs. Professional server and network designs can ensure that your business has all of the tools that it needs to succeed as well as the security that it requires to thrive. With our services you get full access to applications, drivers and diagnostic tools that you can use to monitor the health and status of your network. We create a network that supports a variety of different applications for your business or for your home network. This means that your network will be able to interact with all of the devices that you have including any of the industrial equipment that your business needs to access across its computer network and servers.

We introduce server databases that are compatible with multiple forms of software that your business or home needs to run as well as full support from third-party applications

that need to access your network or server. If you have software that needs server access for storage, for editing your webpages or four monitoring equipment throughout your business we can design servers and networks that make this interaction easy. Compatibility is one of our biggest strong suits and we can look into some of the technology that your business uses on a daily basis and integrate this technology into your server or network design.

Top-quality industry hardware


p>we use top-quality industry hardware to create fast and secure servers for your home or business that had maximum signal capabilities as well as the greatest level of uptime and reliability.

Network Security:

we will secure your network using top industry standards to ensure that your data remains secure and that your business or home does not fall victim to any potential attacks. Contact us today for our server database networking service.

Data Security

Data security is of paramount importance for any type of business as in the present day computerized and net based business operations your business data is the backbone of your business. So, it is vitally important that you take utmost care in safeguarding your data from all types of threat online and offline. There are many good ways for business data protection and you can easily avoid being ripped off by the unforeseen mishaps and system related disasters. Our data protection services can help you protect your valuable data using the right types of firewall hardware – software. We are offering a variety of customized data back up and business data protection services to suit your special needs. With the use of the right security software we can help you manage your critical data that is so important and crucial for your continued existence in the market place. We are here to help you in providing the right types of security essentials so that you are fully protected against all types of potential data security concerns. Most of the times, we see that the businesses do not pay the required attention to the data backup tasks till they come to lose their data due to an unexpected disaster. It is very essential for the data security that due attention be paid for data back up and data security measures to avoid loss of crucial data that may have very bad effect on your business. We have many ways to protect your data from getting lost or compromised in any way by helping you in the implementation of highest possible web security and email security to protect you from any form of online threats to your data storage and data management services. Some of the advantages of our data security services include o Improvement in client relationships due to enhanced customer data security and data safety o Enhanced levels of data quality due to the strict control of data flow through your internal data systems and close monitoring of external data interchanges o Increased data security due to the implementation of the latest data protection protocols with the installation of the right type of firewall software-hardware o High level of business data protection against online attacks with the implementation of the right type of hacker defence-protection When you have us as your data protection service provider you get the • The right ways to back up your vital business data and safeguard it in a fool proof way to protect your business data from all types of attacks and disasters • Get the highest possible security to your confidential data and help you build, manage and maintain the required infrastructure to safeguard your data from any type of attack or accidental or intentional data loss • A constant helping hand at a call’s distance as we are always available with our 24 X & support to be at your place immediately to attend rectify and prevent all types of data loss • We help you comply with any and all types of legal regulations regarding running of the data systems and help in taking care of the hassles of compliance with our long industrial experience. Thus, we as your business data protection service provider will be able to help you in the protection of your business data and help you overcome any of the difficulties that your business has to face due to compromised data systems.

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Business IT services in Las Vegas Nevada

Business IT services in Las Vegas Nevada is all you need if you wanted to have a more successful business. As a business owner, it is very imperative if you can stay with the competition or else you will be left out in the middle. Your business must assure that you should not just used the latest technologies or software for your office but also to have the best professionals that can help you. You have to instill in mind that the competition in the industry is very common these days, so you have to know on how you can adopt with these changes. If you are planning to have a successful business in Las Vegas, it is important to find the best business computer services Las Vegas When you decide to work with a reliable business IT services, it can certainly boost the overall efficiency of the company, which can also help to decrease the cost. You have to find a reliable and flexible business computer services that can provide the best chance to deliver the right solutions that you need to meet your target accomplishments that can surely help your business to succeed. As there are several IT services available, it is quite difficult to look for the right one, so you really need to shop around in order to find the proper expert or provider that can help to provide your needs. When looking for the right business IT services in Las Vegas Nevada, one of the aspects that you have to keep in mind is by checking the reliability of the company. It is best if you can find for a company with experience in the industry. Meaning to say, a company with the experience in providing IT services is a sure way that you can find the right professional that can help you with your services needed. Another important aspect that you need to keep in mind when looking for business IT services Las Vegas is by checking if the company is reliable. You can do this by checking the website of the service provider. You have to know the types of services that they are offering as this can surely help you achieve your goal. Reading feedbacks or reviews from the past clients is one of the most effective way to know that you have the best professionals who can help you with the solutions that your company needs. It would be essential also if you can contact the former clients and try to talk to them for you to determine if they are a great option for business IT services. One excellent means that you have to remember when looking for the best IT services in Las Vegas is by determining if they have expert or qualified professionals. A dependable IT professional should possess a certification or the license to provide the best IT solutions that you needed. In conclusion, finding the best IT services for your business is clearly an ideal option for you to assure that your business is on the right track with the use of recent or updated solutions and technology for your business.