What Type of Website is Best and Why? What Type of Site Do I Need?

These are common questions and many people ask them when deciding to start a website

The most comon questions are – What is HTML – Do I need an e-commerce site – What is an e commerce site – whats the difference in a 5 page cheaper less expensive site and a 5 page premium expensive high end money site – what is the difference between dynamic and static – can i build my own site –

There are many questions you should ask before you start a website

many of those questions are answered here however make sure you check out our web planning guide also. This article will basically cover the differnt types of web technologies available and how they are used. The different web technologies are very diverse and most are seamless and not distinguishable to the typical end user. One of the terms you will hear alot is hosting and hosting provider this is typically the server on which your site resides. think of your site a s a digital business inside it has all of the products or services you provide this digital store needs a building so customers can stop by and bring their money. This building is yoursimilar to your hosting provider. They are your digital landlord. Another term you probably hear all the time is url or domain name. A domain name is the name of your site for example take this site wedosystems.com is my domain name well to be more exact wedosystems is the 2nd level domain name and the .com is the top level domain name. Hope that didnt confuse you, either way you will need to purchase a domain name before you can begin building your site or find a free one on the internet.

What is HTML, CSS, Javascript, Xhtml, Flash, PHP, ASP.net

Most of these are computer languages used for designing developing and adding dynamic funcionality to websites. PHP and ASP are server languages and this is very important when decidng on a host because the host must be able to support the type of language your site is written in. PHP runs on a Linux platform and ASP is Windows based. This is also important if your site will need a databse because again each version has its own database compatiblity. Most of these terms you dont have to be really familiar with after you begin the process unless you plan on moving to a new hosting platform or are changing to a new designer make sure they can suppor tyou r current technology. Another question i get is which is best and why this is really personal preference and might depend a bit on what functionality your site needs so be sure to go ver these things with your developer.

What is CMS or Content Management Systems

This a similar to the framework of a house your site is built on top of this framework and can use this to provide advanced functionality through extensions or addons instead a programmer having to write this code from scratch they can use those provided by the community or the CMS itself. This type of coding isnt new and has been around for years, it allows very advanced functionality that used to cost 10’s of thousands of dollars to build to be done for a fraction of the cost.

What is E-commerce and do i need that to sell products or services on my site?

E commerce sites are typically a variety of technologies the term describes a site thats main focus is seeling something that you can get information about on the site and pay order and have it shipped to you all automatically handled by the e commerce site.