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Security Cameras – Home Internet Networking WiFi –¬† Phone – Audio Video – TV and Home Theater – Smart Home Technologies and much more

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We understand technology we also understand home etiquette like leaving a home dirty or different than we found is not what makes a good home service company in Las Vegas. Trust us with your business and we will return the trust with integrity and top notch home services in Las Vegas.

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Computer Repair

Home Pc repair in Las Vegas fast andtrustworthy most of our services are done in 1 hour or less. We dont aim to give you a good hourly priec and then make up the costs another way we give you a great hourly rate up front with no tricks.

Surveillance Systems

Home Security cameras are now common in most homes. Don't worry if you're not wired for the system we can help identify the best locations for your needs and then determine the best solution.

Smart Home

Smart Home Automation Systems Like a wireless video door bell and smart thermostats plus much more


WiFi is growing extremely fast streaming HD content to multiple devices in your home was a dream a few years back now its commonplace and we can help you setup a lightning fast home network with WiFi that reaches all of your devices

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Don’t worry if the specific service or system you need inst listed we offer many niche and specific services for our clients just give us a call and let us know what you need or take a look at our more comprehensive list of services below

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